55 Pc Basic Triage Kit by Mayday Industries

55 Pc Basic Triage Kit by Mayday Industries


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?明るい 高度に熟練しました


  • 55 Pc Basic Triage Kit

Includes thirty seven pages triage book, carry bag, four legend safety vests, rolls of 200 foot colored triage tape, grease pencils, clipboards, pencils, twenty triage tags, twelve ground stakes, eight id tags front, back, triage treatment log, head-to-toe patient evaluation, injury assessment and body identification sheet;Mark out your triage area with this unique tape minor, delayed, immediate and morgue;Use these to secure your triage tape in the ground;These versatile safety vests have a clear legend on the front for name tag and the back area for assignment or design your own inserts;17 in. L x 9 in. W x 9 in. H (9 lbs.)

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